Creative Focus

Hello fellow creatives!

I’ve been having some realizations of late. About life and creativity… and what chocolates I like best. After all, why waste my taste buds on chocolate that has no nuts!

One realization:

Don’t get caught up in what everyone else is doing.

Get caught up in what your doing.

What you’re working on.

Your ideas and dreamings.

Get lost in that.

This is the place where real inspiration and freedom come from. So just hang out there.

And have some chocolate while your at it!

I might have a chocolate problem…

Maybe our school teachers were onto something more when they told us to

“Keep your eyes on your own paper!”

Happy creating y’all!

Rachel xoxo

P.S. I have a friend who travels to Europe for work and they generously keep me supplied with CHOCOLATE!!! Thank you friend… you know who you are!

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You’re Creative!

Hello creative peoples! Happy Monday!

Today I have the honor of being the guest blogger on The Ginger Life blog where I talk about creativity. The owner of The Ginger Life blog is Brittany, a dear friend, fellow creative and Southerner AND the photographer of my Etsy shop! I tell ya, she makes my products sing on the site!

Pop over to her blog and poke around. She’ll make you smile, laugh and think.

And while you’re there be sure to read my post, You are Creative, and download the FREE coloring sheet I created for y’all! It’s a cutie and wants to hang on your wall (after YOU color it)! Here’s a peek at it…

Now get coloring!

Happy Creating!

Rachel xoxo

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Happy New Year Y’all

Happy 2019 creative people!

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I posted here… I want to post more this year. Guess I’ll be adding that to my “2019 To Doody” list (that’s what I call my “resolutions” list each year cause it’s fun and helps me to not take it so seriously, even though it is)!

Do you make a list each new year?

If yes, whatcha put on it?

If no, why not start one today!

So where was I last year? In the land of busy. You’ve all traveled there. You know it well. Non stop, go go busyland. It can be a fun trip and not so fun sometimes. Exhilarating and exhausting. And there comes a time that we must leave busyness behind and travel to the land of focus. And focus is the place I shall dwell this year. At least that’s the plan!

Towards the end of last year I discovered the joys (and “what tha hell am I doing this for) of a daily challenge. I did 100 days of making cut paper collages. And then I did my first Inktober for 30 days. Both were amazing challenges to do. In the months to come I will post about each.

Have you ever done a personal challenge before? Any personal challenge… not just a creative one?

If yes, what’d ya do?

If no, why not give it a try! It doesn’t have to be for 100 days. You could do a 7 day challenge. Or 15 days. Or 30! You create it so it’s up to you!

This year I’ve created a year long challenge for myself (insert freaked out emoji here)! I’ve chosen a drawing theme for each month and then broken each week down into micro themes to focus on. For example, January is letters and numbers, so week one is words… week two is alphabets… week three is just numbers… week four is quotes… You get the idea. So each week of this year I will have a specific focus to create art around. The goal of this challenge… to build my portfolio! And it’s only day 4 and I already feel like the little choo choo… I think I can… I KNOW I CAN!

And so can you!

So tell me what you plan to do this year. Cause sharing it with another human gives it life… makes it real!

Let’s plant seeds into ourselves this year and see what grows!

For now, I leave you with collage #1 and collage #100 from last fall’s 100 Days of Cut Paper Patterns challenge…

Rachel Crawford – 100 Days of Cut Paper Patterns #01
Rachel Crawford – 100 Days of Cut Paper Patterns #100

Happy Creating in 2019!

Rachel xoxo

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The Surface Pattern Design Guide

Here it is! It finally arrived! Uppercase Magazine, issue #32, the Surface Pattern Design Guide and guess who’s in it… ME!

I was so excited when submissions opened last fall to be featured in this issue. Yet, I was nervous, didn’t feel ready and worried that my art wasn’t “computer polished” enough to submit. But I submitted anyway. I’m so happy I did! When I received the “congratulations” email, I was over the moon excited! Janine Vangool received 788 submissions from around the world and selected 100 artists to feature in her magazine. I am so honored and blessed to have been chosen to be in the Uppercase magazine Surface Pattern Design Guide. Look out world… here we come!

The Surface Pattern Design Guide is overflowing with amazing art from talented artist from around the globe. Get yourself a copy of this magazine. You’re eyes will fall in love! Every issue is always full of inspiring people and their creations. You’re creativity will thank you!

Something I’ve learned over the years, is that you can’t let fear or your feelings of unpreparedness stop you from doing anything. You just have to do it afraid! Jump in and start swimming. Figure things out as you go. Start down that new trail and navigate as you blaze it. And if you really think about it… you’re more prepared than you think! So… Start it. Write it. Paint it. Choreograph it. Compose it. Post it. Share it. Submit it. DO IT!

I know you have it in you!

Dig deep. Blaze your trail. Show the world what you got!

Rachel xo


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Uppercase Magazine

I’m so excited to announce that my art was selected to be featured in Uppercase Magazine, issue 32, as part of their Surface Pattern Design Guide which features seasoned and up-and-coming designers! I’m an up-and-coming surface pattern designer and I’m honored and oh so excited to have been chosen by Janine Vangool and be featured in her incredible magazine!!!



Art by Sarah Golden





Cover Art by Kara Kramer



Issue 32, The Surface Pattern Design Guide, will be available for purchase as a single copy in January, you can get it here. Or you can subscribe to this fabulous magazine and get delicious eye candy delivered to your post box. Every issue is filled with inspiration, color and beauty! As well as inspiring and educational articles. I’ve been a subscriber for a few years now and I devour each magazine and always learn something new!

I’m excitedly awaiting issue 32’s arrival!

Happy Happy!





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Happy Fall Y’all

Happy Fall y’all! That’s a cute little saying that’s popular in the South these days. The other day, I heard my 73 year old Auntie say it in her lovely Southern accent and it was so cute and sweet that I decided to adopt that phrase too (but I don’t have that lovely Southern accent… I just sound like a regular ol city girl)!

And guess what… Fall finally come to us here in the Deep South! So I wrote a haiku to celebrate:

Chilly wind blows
Golden treasures upon us
Fall has fallen South.

Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons. These seasons have so much to offer. Crisp air, rustling leaves, crunchy things under foot, beautiful earth tones, the bare bones of trees, gray pale skies, stillness, quiet, reflection… peace. I love all the seasons but Fall and Winter are my favorites these days. I enjoy hibernating and sipping hot drinks and knitting warm things during the long cold nights. And I really enjoy taking walks in these seasons… even when it’s super cold. My hubby not so much. I gotta drag him outside for a walk when it’s cold. And he usually looks like he’s 100lbs heavier than he is because of all the layers of clothes he’s piled on. He cracks me up! But our daily walks to together, is truly one of my favorite things to do.

Here’s some treasures I picked up on our most recent “Fall” walks. It’s so exciting to find these colors in South Louisiana. Cause we usually go from green to brown overnight!


So what about you? Which is your favorite season? What do you like about that season?

Well, I’m off to enjoy this chilly day!

I wish y’all a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving! I am thankful for you, my fellow creatives!

Rachel xo




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Be Kind

Hello! It’s been a while. A long while. Over the summer, my hubby embarked upon a new business adventure and needed my help. So I’ve been busy helping him make his dreams come to life! What a joy to help him! It’s always a wonderful thing to see ones dreams become reality!

Though we were very busy, I always found and made time for art. Creating keeps me happy, calm and sane! So, even in the midst of life’s little detours… I never skimp on sketching, doodling and making new art. After all, art is my dream, passion and business, so I give it all I’ve got!

I also found time to add some new things to my Etsy shop. There are lots of great items for gifting! Pop over and see what’s new.

In the meantime, here are a few new pieces of art that I created over the past few months. They are my response to all of the disturbing events that have happened all around the world this year. Each piece is paper cut out collage. Which I think is fitting being that after tragedy, we pick up the pieces and begin creating life anew.







The world needs beauty. It needs art. It needs YOUR art and MY art. So YOU keep making and sharing yours, and I’ll keep making and sharing mine! Lets flood the earth with love and art!

Happy creating!




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