My New Etsy Shop!

Hi y’all! It’s been a while. A long while. But I promise I’ve been a productive creative busy bee! With what, you ask? An online shop! For the past few months, I’ve been setting up my Etsy shop. It’s something I have been pondering for a few years now. Yes, years… and I finally took the plunge!

My friend Rachael Pace gave me a little nudge and our friend Joe Badon pushed me off the edge (which was a wonderful thing and I am grateful to them both for the encouragement to just go for it)! Joe told me to just jump in with both feet and figure it out as I go along.

That… Is… So… NOT… Me…!!!

I like the planets to be in alignment and all my eggs to look, oh so pretty in the basket before I begin. Before I begin ANYTHING (other than adventure and travel, somehow I’m spontaneous about that)! Which, sadly, is why some things never get started, done or accomplished. But this time, I decided to give Joe’s way of doing things a try. And you know what… Things have worked out just fine! Nothing imploded. My head is still attached. Are things perfect? By all means, NO! But I work on the bumpy things as I come across them. Do I stress out on occasion? YES! But I’m learning to let go of my controlling perfectionism and just go with the flow. GO WITH THE FLOW! After all, it’s just my heart poured out through my creations, which are being shared with the world through and online shop… right? Right! And what a wonderful thing it is! So, thanks, Rachael and Joe!

And I have a huge THANK YOU and lots of hugs for Brittany Rose, for her beautiful photography and amazing eye for showcasing ALL my art and creations!!! Brittany, you make my work shine and sparkle just like you do!

Here are a few items from the shop… and you can check out my shop here!


Rachel Fontenot GPP1511a RF-accordian-pam-01a-dm RF-GPP15-16a-dm RF-fleur-de-lis-0214-01-dm RF-coptic-02e-dm RF-pam-gp-05l-dm RF-GPPC15-02c-dm

Would you mind helping me out?

  1. Favorite the shop, so you can be the first to know when new items are added!
  2. Favorite the items you like… That helps me know what you folk are interested in!
  3. Share the shop with your friends and family!
  4. SHOP!

Thanks!!! And let me know what you think!

So, if there’s something you’ve been wanting to do, or try, or create… but perfectionism and control are screaming at you… just ignore them… jump in with both feet and see what happens! I promise, you will survive and will probably discover happiness and fun!

Happy jumping!

Rachel xo

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White Out Poetry

So, this is what I’m into right now at this very moment in time… White Out Poetry.

Totally inspired by Lynn Whipple, creative adventurer extraordinaire and teacher of  WordPlay Painting. Take this workshop… it will expand your world!




I want to dash off to the used book shop and buy up all the old, unwanted books so that I can create these quirky, silly, fun poems all day long.

Try it. You’ll like it.

Happy white out writing!


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Sea Doodles

Sanibel Island, Florida… Part 3

The beach, a sketchbook and pen in hand… bliss!

These are some of the doodles I did in-between sea shell collecting on Sanibel Island. This first one was done with some natural charcoal I found on the beach. Natural charcoal is just charred wood from a fire! There is something magical about drawing with something that you find in nature… One of God’s art supplies!

Rachel Fontenot - natural charcoal sketch - Sanibel Island FL

I had to doodle shells from my first hunt! I drew them with a sepia Micron. I really like simple line drawings. They make me happy and remind me that things don’t have to be so complicated.

Rachel Fontenot - Sea Shell Sketch - Sanibel Island FL

Of course I had to create a pattern in blues and greens…!!!

Rachel Fontenot - Sea Doodle - Sanibel Island FL

This is a sketch of some of the flora I found on the island. Such lovely, simple shapes!

Rachel Fontenot - Sea Sketches - Sanibel Island FL

I keep asking my hubby if we can uproot and move to Sanibel Island. I tell him I can be a professional sea shell collector… He just rolls his eyes and laughs! One day… maybe.

Happy Summer!


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Treasures from the Sea Shore

As promised… Sanibel Island, Florida Part 2… Treasures galore!!!

Everyday I went to the beach and collected shells, sticks, rocks and sea shell egg cases! And everyday I laid them out and photographed them. I also doodled some of them too (that will be in part 3’s post)! And just walking the grounds of the Waterside Inn where we stayed was a beautiful adventure!

Sea Treasures Day 1: Lightning whelk shell egg case, tulip shell egg cases, dead coral, stiff pen shell and pod.

Rachel Fontenot - Sea Treasures Day 1

Sea Treasures Day 2: Sticks, palm tree wood, nut shell, pod, charcoal, sea glass and shells.

Rachel Fontenot - Sea Treasures Day 2

Rachel Fontenot - Sea Treasures Day 2

Sea Treasures Day 3: Pod and a tree from the sea! Also, fiber from palm trees… I imagine that early peoples were inspired by this tree fiber to make fabric, it is warp and weft at it’s finest!

Rachel Fontenot - Sea Treasures Day 3

Sea Treasures Day 4: Broken stiff pen shells (they make the most beautiful shapes when they are broken), dead coral, pods, Atlantic kittenpaw shells, rough scallop shells,  Atlantic giant cockle, broken sand dollar and barnacles.

Rachel Fontenot - Sea treasures Day 4

Sea Treasures Day 5: Palm tree wood and bark, pods and we don’t know what the yellow and green things are!

Rachel Fontenot - Sea Treasures Day 5

Here’s some of the beautiful nature that we found on Sanibel Island.

Rachel Fontenot - Sanibel Nature

Rachel Fontenot - Sanibel Nature

It was so fun to sort through my sea treasures every evening and photograph them.

Rachel Fontenot - Sanibel Shells

Rachel Fontenot - Sanibel Shells

Even the shadows are lovely here!

Rachel Fontenot - Sanibel Nature

Is there such a thing as professional sea shell collector? Cause that’s what I want to be when I grow up!

Happy end of Summer!


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She Hordes Sea Shells from the Sea Shore

Sanibel Island, Florida Part 1…

I found my new favorite place on planet Earth… Sanibel Island, Florida.

Rachel Fontenot - Sanibel Island Florida

My hubby and I have been talking and dreaming of taking a trip to Sanibel for 15+ years. We finally made it there! It’s a tiny island off the coast of southern Florida in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s known for it’s abundance of sea shells. In fact, people from all over the world visit the island for the sole purpose of collecting sea shells. And that’s exactly why we went… to collect sea shells! Or as my hubby likes to say, “She’s hording sea shells”!!!

Rachel Fontenot - Sanibel Island Florida

I cannot lie… I’m a collector. A collector of many things. But nature is one of my favorite things to collect! I collect rocks, sticks, leaves, pods, nut shells, bark, sand, burned wood (which is natural charcoal, great for drawing!), sea weed and yes, little houses that have been vacated by sea creatures… SEA SHELLS!!! I doodle them, keep them in jars & bowls and I use them in art.

Sanibel Island was a treasure trove of collectables!

We arrived in the evening just before sunset. We went straight to the beach to see what it was like and I nearly lost my mind! Sea shells were EVERYWHERE!!! I didn’t have anything with me to put shells in except for my pockets! Which is why I’m a big fan of cargo shorts and pants (I wear them all the time so I always have a place to store found treasures)! And I stuffed my pockets with as many shells as I could!

Rachel Fontenot - Sanibel Island Florida

And just outside our room was a station to wash all of your collected shells. Brilliant, is the person who thought to build that outdoor sea shell washing sink!!!

Rachel Fontenot - Sanibel Island Florida

This is what the beach looks like. It’s crushed shells mixed with the sand. And there are whole shells peppered all over the place. You never know what you will find!

Rachel Fontenot - Sanibel Island Florida

Rachel Fontenot - Sanilbel Island Florida

Rachel Fontenot - Sanibel Island Florida

The beach is definitely my favorite place to be. Growing up in New Orleans on the Gulf Coast, we went to the beach every summer when I was a kid. I think the sun, sand and sea seeped into my soul and became a part of me. It’s a calming and peaceful place where you can let go, relax, slow down and listen.

Here we are… We’ve been married for 22 years! Don is my best fellow adventurer!

Rachel Fontenot - Don & Rachel - Sanibel Island Florida

This is the end of Sanibel Island part one… Part two promises sea treasures galore!!!

Happy Summer!


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Mod Paper Collage

I’m taking 30 Days of Collage with Stephanie Levy. This is my third time taking this class! I really like the collage prompts and the push to do them within 30 days. Though, this time around, I’m not doing a very good job of keeping up… Today is day 17 and I’ve only done one collage so far! Boo. Hoo.  It’s ok. I’m not beating myself up over it. This is the first week I’ve had free time to devote to collage. So, this week, I’m taking the class prompts and going with my collage whim and creating in the order that I wish!

Yesterday, I created a black and white collage. Always a challenge for me ’cause I work with bold color and pattern all the time.

Rachel Fontenot - Paper Collage Process

I find it interesting that lately I’ve been attracted to grey tones.  I’ve been doodling and drawing with greys. It’s weird! Maybe all the rainy days we’ve had this month have rubbed off on my conscience. So, I decided to use grey tones in the black and white collage. I like how it turned out!

Rachel Fontenot - B&W&G Collage - paper, collage, mixed media, art, black & white

After cutting out the grey shapes for the black and white piece, I noticed the negative space in the sheet of grey paper was quite nice.  I decided to play around with the left over pieces of grey paper to create another collage. But this time, I had to add some color!!!

Rachel Fontneot - Paper Collage Process

I keep a pile of painted papers on hand for use in collage or drawing or whatever fancies me. I chose a paper that I had painted with bright warm colors. I used the left over grey shapes and created some new ones for this collage. I really like the warm and cool colors together. And the pop of lime is just yummy!

Rachel Fontenot - Warm Grey Collage - paper, collage, mixed media, art, paper cut out

The piece is too big for my scanner so I scanned it in two sections and I like how each section turned out to be a nice composition all on it’s own!

Rachel Fontenot - Warm Grey Collage 01 - paper, collage, mixed media, art, paper cut out

Rachel Fontenot - Warm Grey Collage 02 - paper, collage, mixed media, art, paper cut out

I really enjoy creating paper collages. I could sit and cut out paper shapes all day long. If Henri Matisse were alive today, I think we’d be BFF’s!

Collage something today… begin with just black and white and see where it takes you!

Happy collaging!


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Pattern Play

I’ve been playing with simple patterns using a new set of watercolors and some water based markers (the kind kid’s use!). It’s so good to just “play”. To just doodle around with art supplies and see what happens.

When I do this, I really like “playing” with inexpensive art supplies. I find that when I doodle around with the less expensive supplies (like art supplies for kids) there are no strings attached. Meaning, I can be free… mess up… use a ton of the cerulean blue (my favorite color) without that voice reminding me, “that color cost $20 for a 0.47 fl. oz. tube”… I can use all of something without the price tag telling me that, “it’s precious, don’t use it all up.” Using cheaper supplies takes the pressure off of the creative “play” process. It takes the “seriousness” out of the picture and allows you to play with abandon like you did when you were a young one! It makes sense, right?

So, I have a stash of inexpensive paints, markers, paper, colors etc. that I keep at hands reach so that I can play anytime I want to without pressure and the inner critic.

And play always leads us onto new art paths and creative roads to journey!

Here’s some results from my most recent studio playtime:

Rachel Fontenot - pattern play process - watercolor - art

Rachel Fontenot - pattern - watercolor - mixed media - art

Rachel Fontenot - pattern - watercolor - mixed media - art

The top right and bottom right pieces were created by drawing with wax crayons and then painting watercolor over the entire design. All the rest were drawn with water based markers (the kid’s kind!) and then I painted over the design with clear water. The water smears the marker giving the design a blurred, fuzzy look. It’s fun… ya gotta try it!

Rachel Fontenot - pattern - watercolor -  crayon - marker - art

Rachel Fontenot - pattern - watercolor -  crayon - marker - art

Rachel Fontenot - Watercolors - Palette

Here are the new watercolors I picked up at my local Hobby Lobby. It’s the Master’s Touch brand which I think is the store brand. Some of the colors are neon-ish! I really enjoy painting with those! A few of the colors are super close to being the same. But they give you enough colors to play with that it doesn’t really matter! And the trays are stackable! How convenient is that!

When’s the last time you allowed yourself to play? Get yourself a new box of kid’s markers, crayons, watercolors and a pad of watercolor paper and let your inner young one loose!

Who knows where you’ll end up going!

Happy playing!


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