Ephemera Exchange

I just spent the afternoon hours looking through my collage stash for goodies to send around the world! I am a part of a collage ephemera exchange and we are making collage packets out of our own stash and sending them to each other. Oh, how this makes my heART happy : )

Ephemera Exchange 2014 Envelopes ~ Rachel Fontenot

Ephemera Exchange 2014 Envelopes ~ Rachel Fontenot

Here’s what’s in my packets:

~Vintage Wallpaper

~Bakers Twine

~Travel Stickers

~Papers from India

~Graph and Handwriting Papers

~US Postcard

~Map Scraps

~Cup Cake Papers

Etc. etc. etc.!

Ephemera Ladies, I’ll be sending them out this week! I can’t wait to receive yours!

Happy Creating 🙂


About Rachel Fontenot Crawford

Hi y'all! I'm Rachel Fontenot Crawford, an artist, poet and surface designer who is passionate about color and pattern, poetry, the great outdoors and art history. I also love to crochet and knit, scrapbook and make handmade cards. All of which you will find on this blog! My artwork and patterns are happy, peaceful and full of color as are all the things my happy hands find to create. I'm a native of the colorful and eclectic city of New Orleans where I currently live with my wonderful hubby of 20+ years marriage. Welcome!
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4 Responses to Ephemera Exchange

  1. Elhenfr says:

    Bonjour RAchel !
    Est-il possible de participer à ton échange ?
    Merci de ta réponse.

    • Bonjour Helene!
      Yes! I would like to do an ephemera exchange with you! I have your address from the 30 Days of Collage Postcard Pen Pal list so I will send you an ephemera packet this week. My address is also on that list. I’m still creating my postcards for the Postcard Pen Pal list so you’ll also be receiving a postcard from me in the next few weeks 🙂
      I’m excited about our ephemera exchange!
      Rachel Fontenot

  2. Jane Gravois says:

    Now it looks like spring!!

  3. I just wanted to say another thank you for the wonderful offerings in the ephemera exchange, Rachel. Just wonderful things you’ve taken the time to send me. I’ve just spent some time sorting through them. I look forward to spending some time on your blog and website.

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