Vintage Finds

I really love a good treasure hunt! Don’t you?

I have been a treasure hunter my entire life! From finding nature on a walk to slip into my pocket to take home… to finding a 1950’s wooden mannequin stand that I just had to have 20 years ago when I was newly married and barley had the $50 to buy it (but I did)!!!

I’m pretty sure I got the treasure bug from both of my parents. My dad was a nature lover and he would take me to a field near our home where we would dig up antique bottles and take home sticks and rocks. My mom was, and still is, an avid antique lover. We struggled financially when I was a kid so bargain shopping was a necessity. When I was a teen my mom would take me to flea markets and garage sales to find furnishings for our home. She always would, and still does, find beautiful things for great prices. I’m so grateful that I learned to flea, thrift and garage sale shop from my mother when I was young cause it’s still the way I like to shop today!

I recently got to thrift and antique shop with one of my treasure hunting ladybugs, Stephanie Loy (your go to gal for all things organized). One of the things I love about shopping with Stephanie is that we are different in our style and taste. Each of us are attracted to different things that the other person may overlook due to disinterest. But what happens is, whatever she is hunting for, I then begin to hunt for her treasures also and that opens a door to a whole new world for me! And vice versa 🙂 Then we each get exposed to new designs, colors and ideas! How wonderful is that!

Here’s the story to the greatest treasure I found on our last hunt…

I passed a case full of goodies and I spotted them right away. They were being used as part of the display.

I could hear them calling my name, “Rachel… Rachel… You need me… You want me… Rachel, take me home to your studio!”

They were gorgeous plastic doilies of various sizes from the 1950’s!!! And I heard them call!

I asked how much they were and was told that they were not for sale! That they belonged to the owner of the antique mall and she had been asked numerous times before to sell them but she would not sell. I told the lady I was an artist and loved 50’s design and would love to have the doilies to use in my artwork. I would be bringing the past to life by using a piece of history in my work . She liked that… and offered to call the owner! I was hopefully excited! Steph, and I continued to treasure hunt while the lady tracked down the owner (it was a grand cellular adventure). And so, being the Jesus lover that I am, I prayed for these doilies to be mine! Crazy… maybe… but I really wanted these doilies!

We made our way to the counter and we heard the lady on the phone telling the owner my story and how much I wanted them for my art. Their conversation seemed to last forever. I was on pins and needles! Finally the lady eye balls me with phone and pen in hand and says “So you want $25 for all 15?” My heart leapt… Yes, yes, yes, I shook my head up and down with excitement telling the lady it was a done deal, that I’d take them. And SOLD! The doilies were mine (insert a Gollum-ly “precious” here)! Oh thank you Jesus, for my plastic 50’s doilies!!!

Aren’t they lovely…

Vintage 50's Plastic Doilies - Rachel Fontenot

Vintage 50’s Plastic Doilies – Rachel Fontenot

What do I plan to do with them… Just admire for the time being : )

Here’s some more treasures I found whilst treasure hunting with Stephanie. All of these goodies will find their way into future collages and paintings!

Vintage Sewing Goodies - Rachel Fontenot

Vintage Sewing Goodies – Rachel Fontenot

Vintage Wallpaper - Rachel Fontenot

Vintage Wallpaper – Rachel Fontenot

Vintage Books & Postcards - Rachel Fontenot

Vintage Books & Postcards – Rachel Fontenot

Feeling the treasure bug biting at you? Go on a treasure hunt and post below what you find!

Happy Hunting…


About Rachel Fontenot Crawford

Hi y'all! I'm Rachel Fontenot Crawford, an artist, poet and surface designer who is passionate about color and pattern, poetry, the great outdoors and art history. I also love to crochet and knit, scrapbook and make handmade cards. All of which you will find on this blog! My artwork and patterns are happy, peaceful and full of color as are all the things my happy hands find to create. I'm a native of the colorful and eclectic city of New Orleans where I currently live with my wonderful hubby of 20+ years marriage. Welcome!
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One Response to Vintage Finds

  1. Elhenfr says:

    I never saw Plastic Doilies in France! You could use them as stencils for mixed-media and yes, all your goodies could be great for collages!

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