Collage Circle Exchange – February Collages

I LOVE creating collages! It’s wonderful to take pieces and parts of papers, tapes, trinkets and things and piece them together in a harmonious way to create a world of beauty. And there’s just something magical about scissors cutting paper and the smell of glue and the feeling of it all that sends me to happy places : ) You know, you know what I mean… and if the “grown up” you doesn’t… the “little kid” you does!!!

Here are the two collages I sent out in February… First one to Germany and second one to Canada!!!

Rachel Fontenot - Collage Circle #3

Rachel Fontenot – Collage Circle #3

Rachel Fontenot - Collage Circle #4

Rachel Fontenot – Collage Circle #4

Here is the collage I received from Sandra Lock. This piece is so full of texture. Here’s all the materials she used in it: Inktense blocks… sand acrylic medium… scrapbooking paper… StazOn ink… Uni Posca PC-IMR paint pens… metallic Sharpie… labeling machine tape!!!

Collage by Sandra Lock

Collage by Sandra Lock

I received this collage from Eleni Rivers. I wish you could feel this one… I don’t know how Eleni created this but the surface is so smooth and leather-like. It has a wonderful old feeling yet it’s so alive and colorful!

Collage by Eleni Rrivers

Collage by Eleni Rrivers

I am really loving this global collage exchange!

Happies to you!


About Rachel Fontenot Crawford

Hi y'all! I'm Rachel Fontenot Crawford, an artist, poet and surface designer who is passionate about color and pattern, poetry, the great outdoors and art history. I also love to crochet and knit, scrapbook and make handmade cards. All of which you will find on this blog! My artwork and patterns are happy, peaceful and full of color as are all the things my happy hands find to create. I'm a native of the colorful and eclectic city of New Orleans where I currently live with my wonderful hubby of 20+ years marriage. Welcome!
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