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Handwriting & Hand Lettering

Handwriting. Script. Print. It’s being lost and my heart is sad… even more so as I use “tech” to “write” to you as I write! A very complicated love/hate relationship I am feeling with tech right now. I recently learned that script … Continue reading

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Collage in Process

Hello! I wanted to share with you some “collage in process”! The piece in this post is a mixed media collage piece that I did for Life Book 2015. The assignment was to create a “Beacon of Light”. You could follow the lesson … Continue reading

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Let’s get Geometrical

Have I mentioned that I love to doodle? I really, really doo…dle! It’s relaxing and soothing. It takes you to another place in time and space. You can get lost in a doodle and forget that time even exists. I … Continue reading

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Haiku for You

So in addition to creating art, I write poetry! I read poetry. I love poetry. I have loved poetry since I was a kid. Though, I didn’t read much at all when I was a kid because reading was hard for … Continue reading

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ART is for Community

Hello! So, as usual, I am still pondering art and it’s role on the planet. And so my new thought is, not only is art for sharing (like I talked about in my last post) it’s also for community. Unfortunately, I’m lacking a local … Continue reading

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Art Is For Sharing…

Hello friends! I took a much needed, many months long break from blogging… To think and ponder a few things… Well, “Hello…I’m back”! Now, I gotta tell ya the truth… I’ve actually had a love/hate relationship with being online. Part … Continue reading

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